egends from Turkey

The cave that is mentioned in the legend is located in the city of Selçuk (Ephesus). Seven sleepers legend generaly refers to 7 youths adopted christianity who escaped from persecution to the chritians by the king of the term.
These 7 youths adopted christianity during the reign of the emperor Decius. But term's king and community was idolater and began hostilities to christianity. Under these circumtances other religion believers was executed. Seven youths were followed by the king's soldiers after they adopted christianity. Escaped from the king's opressions seven youths took refuge a cave. Seven youths and their dog, Kıtmir,escaped from the city and had slept in the cave along nearly 200 years.
Luckily for the sleepers they had woken up in the time of the Teodisus II. when christians had been granted the freedom to practice their religion. when they awoke, thinking they had slept only one night, and sent one of their friend (Diomedes) to the city to buy food, that they might eat. Diomedes came into Ephesus and the usual story of cross-purposes follows. He was amazed to see crosses over churches, and the people could not understand whence he got his money coined by Decius. People suspected and soldiers took him to the king's palace . He told the events to the king . King wanted to see the cave. when they came to in front of the cave the doors of the cave was suddenly closed with huge Stones and sealed by the god's order and never opened again.
Seven sleepers legend is an old legend has told centruies in Anatolia and came today. The Ephesus story is told in the Koran (Sura xviii), and it has had a long history and further developments in Islam as well as in medieval Christendom .
Seven human skeleton and a dog skeleton has found in the cave in Ephesus is certainly belong the seven youths and their dog Kitmir.