omenius week

Monday, 20 May

Teachers from Scotland and Italy have arrived in Katowice and met students of several classes during their lessons. See photos of this day:

Tuesday, May 21

Teachers from Scotland, Italy, Spain and Turkey have met our students and teachers during the Castle Film Festival. Our final product - Contemporary Student's Chivalry Code - was presented during this event, five castle films were shown and then special cups were awarded to the films chosen in different categories.

After the Festival, the teachers took part in the conference and our exchange group went on a trip to Pszczyna.

Wednesday, 22 May

Teachers and students spent the day in Cracow, seeing the sights, exploring the town's most interesting places and enjoying the atmosphere of this amazing city.

Thursday, 23 May

We had to say goodbye to our Scottish friends already - what a shame! All the other teachers and students went by coach to Tarnowskie Góry, where they took a tour around an old Silver Mine.

After leaving the mine, everyone walked around an open-air exhibition of old steam engines.

In the evening the teachers went for a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau museum, and the children visited the zoological garden.