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Comenius project visit and festival of literature in Ptolemaida, Greece

In May, towards the end of the Literature Stage, all schools met in Ptolemaida, Greece, to take part in the last project meeting and the Festival of Literature. Each country had a chance to present their own most famous writers and poems and also present stories written by students.

A trip to Meteora - Tuesday, May 19th 2015

On Tuesday partner teachers had the chance to visit a natural miracle, Meteora. They saw monasteries built on the edge of the rocks and heard their history. They had an interesting meeting with a nun who told them about monastic life and explained why so many people visit them every day.

Literature Festival - Wednesday, May20th 2015

The last Minds without borders project meeting has been carried out in Ptolemaida, Greece. Fourteen teachers from Poland, Lithuania, England and Turkey have visited our school. After meeting the Greek teachers and walking around the school they met all the pupils in their classes teaching them about their schools, cities, countries and famous writers and poets. Our pupils were excited, asked a lot of questions and really enjoyed the lessons.

A trip to Vergina - Friday, May 22nd 2015

On Friday morning our guest teachers visited an important archaeological place, Vergina. They had the opportunity to see the tombs of Philippos II, king of ancient Macedonia, and admire the exhibits in the museum.
In the afternoon we drove all teams to Thessaloniki to catch their flights back home where they will share their experience with the school community and their pupils.

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