Szkoła Podstawowa nr 34
w Katowicach im. Mikołaja Kopernika

Our school has had its own Tourist Club since 1983 and for the last fourteen years its counsellor has been Ms Ewa Kowalska. Here are our aims:
  • Promoting active relax
  • Promoting tourist culture
  • Promoting physical activity as a way of spending free time
  • Developing sightseeing passions – getting to know our city, region, district
  • Shaping assertive methods of communication within a group
  • Developing respect for nature, traditions and culture achievements
What do we do?
  1. meetings with interesting people, like travellers
  2. workshops – preparing trips, camping, first aid, tourist geography, nature protection, topography, conservation, tourist badges
  3. trips – hikes, bikes, mountains, lowlands, sightseeing, specialist, regional, etc.
  4. exhibitions at school promoting healthy lifestyle
  5. events – Rallies, Tourist Week, Clean-up the Mountains
  6. participation in events organized by other bodies, such as trips, orienteering, rallies etc.
Club members are students of Years 1 – 6 from our school, their parents and friends, as well as our teachers. Altogether there are about 50 people. Our club has received many important awards and in 2002 was included in the school prevention programme.


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