Szkoła Podstawowa nr 34
w Katowicach im. Mikołaja Kopernika

Theatre of Creative Research WIZJER was founded in 1997. Its director and counsellor is Ms Beata Węgrzynek. The theatre has been mainly preparing performances for different school ceremonies. Over the nine years of its existence, twenty-six performances were created. All the performances have always been met with enthusiasm by the audience consisting of students, teachers and guests. The theatre has its own chronicle and has received important awards. The actors meet once a week, and during the meetings they have a chance not only to develop their acting talents, but also to learn about the history of theatre, role of the prop, scenography and music in the theatre performance. The young actors practise teamwork, write their own dialogues, design settings and costumes. For the last four years the Theatre has been involved in the activities of the school prevention programme. It is a place where children have an opportunity to make new friends, discover their talent, spend their free time in a creative way and build their self-confidence.

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