Szkoła Podstawowa nr 34
w Katowicach im. Mikołaja Kopernika

The Prevention Programme „SPRINT – closer to health” is financed by the Katowice Municipality. The programme was introduced at our school in September 2001 as a set of extra-curricular afternoon classes. Its aim is providing the children with a possibility to spend their free time in the most attractive and creative way and to develop their social skills. Thanks to their participation in the programme the children practise their skills of making the right choices about their lifestyle and being able to resist such modern threats as for example addictions. Each school term is finished by the Sprint Day, during which all school community finds out about the outcomes of the five months of work in the programme. There are about 80 students who participate in the programme each term.

Teachers involved:
  1. Ms Ewa Kowalska – tourist club
  2. Ms Anna Kula - volleyball
  3. Ms Agata Sielicka – socio-therapy
  4. Ms Kazimiera Szczygieł – IT classes
  5. Ms Beata Węgrzynek – theatre workshops


Tourist Club
  1. Workshops at school and fieldwork
  2. Healthy lifestyles
  3. National Tourist Tournament
  4. Orienteering
  5. Rallies and mountain trips

Theatre Workshops

  1. Autopresentation
  2. Speech, breathing, walking workshops
  3. Scripts, scenography, decorations, props and costumes
  4. School performances
  5. Festival of school theatres

IT Club: „Close Encounters with a Computer”

  1. Word, Paint, PowerPoint
  2. Using the Internet
  3. Online games, safe chatting
  4. Printing posters


  1. Safety and Hygiene
  2. Technical skills
  3. Umpire skills
  4. Sports supporter’s code
  5. First aid
  6. Being active and our health


  1. Recognizing our feelings
  2. Difficult emotions
  3. My relationships with the others
  4. Creative problem-solving
  5. Conflict solving
  6. Planning the future

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