Szkoła Podstawowa nr 34
w Katowicach im. Mikołaja Kopernika

140 years ago Katowice got its city rights. We celebrated this event during the whole school year 2005/2006. Here are some details of how exactly we celebrated:
  • the scouts’ team „Young Trackers” participated in the Festival organized by the City Council
  • the school library organized a gallery of old photographs of our city and an exhibition presenting sights and natural environment of Katowice
  • years 4 – 6 participated in a competition about our city
  • year 4 students made their own chronicles of Katowice
  • year 5 students made brochures presenting the district where we all live
  • year 6 students made albums of our city, which were first exhibited at school and then given to the school library
  • students visited places of historical and patriotic interest
  • members of the school Tourit Club work to get a badge “I know Katowice” issued by the Silesian Department of the Polish Tourist Society
  • teachers from England, Spain and Malta, visiting our school as part of the Comenius project, were shown around the city of Katowice
  • students of Years 1 –3 made a poster exhibition about our city
  • young tourists took part in a Katowice Rally, a competition about the city and a sports tournament
  • Year 1 – 3 students took part in a competition of Silesian dialect
  • Year 3 students prepared a Silesian Nativity Play
  • A group of teachers and students took a sightseeing tour around the city of Katowice
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