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The details of our project and the description of its results can be found in the European Shared Treasure database. You're welcome to find out all about it!

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omenius week

The Final Project Meeting

From 20th - 24th May 2013 Polish school was the host to the final meeting that sums up the two years project.
See what happened.

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panish Dress Party

Children from the school in Oviedo had a great time dressing up as knights and princesses for a fancy dress party.


omic Competition

Castle Comic Competitions were organized in our schools. Here are the winning comics written and illustrated by the students from Oviedo and Katowice.


olish castle ghosts

Students of classes 4b, 4c and 5b researched the topic of ghosts haunting Polish castles. They prepared short pdf presentations of some of these legends.

If you are interested in making your own ghost page, here is the page template that you can use: download template.


olish kids visit a castle

On Saturday, June 16th, the last group of Polish students went on a Comenius-funded trip to visit two castles in the Jurassic Highland - the ruins of a magnificent castle in Ogrodzieniec and a much smaller castle in Będzin. They also climbed up to the top of Mount Birów to see a Slavonic settling and watched miniatures of all castles of the Jurassic Highland region in the Miniature Park in Ogrodzieniec.

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ilesian castle tour

On Saturday June 2nd 2012 students of year five went for a Comensius-funded trip around the castles of Upper Silesia. They visited the castles of Tarnowice, Toszek and Gliwice. They listened to the guides’ stories of the castles’ history and legends. Now they are getting ready to prepare the tourist brochures presenting Silesian castles.

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olish kids visit a castle

On Saturday, June 2nd, most students of years 1,2 and 3 went on a Comenius-funded trip to visit two beautiful castles called Lipowiec and Tenczyn. They also saw an Etnographic Park in Wygielzów, where they had a chance to learn about the lives of people in the old days. Now they are going to work on a brochure about the castles so that their peers in partner schools can find out about these beautiful places of our national heritage.

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ournament in Poland

On 1st June 2012 (the Children's Day in Poland) the Katowice school organized a Castle Sports Tournament for all its students. The day was rainy and cold, so most competitions had to be played inside the school building, but it did not spoil the mood and all the knights and ladies had a really good time doing sports instead of studying!

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omenius trip to Oviedo


rip to Cieszyn

Students of year 6 (classes 6a, 6b and 6c) of 34 Nicholas Copernicus School from Katowice, Poland, took their U-Knighted by Tourism castle trip to Cieszyn on Saturday, May 12th. Cieszyn is a charming town in the south of Poland, on the border with Czech Republic. It has an old Castle Hill with the remains of a castle, legendary well and a charming market square. On the way back the group also vsited old palaces in Kończyce.

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Our Scottish partners have described our project in a Glasgow newsletter dedicated to modern foreign languages. You can have a look at their report in page 6 of this file.
Click here to download the newsletter.


omenius week

Teachers from all partner schools took part in a Comenius week in Ravenna, where they had a chance to meet Italian teachers, students and their parents and take part in the official opening of the Castle Art Exhibition.
For a full account on the week click here
To watch a video from the exhibition click here
To see a photo report click here


ogoVision 2012 is over!

We are happy to announce that the 2012 LogoVision event took place on Wednesday, 22 February 2012. All five partner schools managed to meet online via Skype and exchange their voting results. The winning design, painted by a student from Oviedo, Spain, is - from now on - the official logo of our Partnership.

To see all the voting statistics see here
To see more photos click here


nternational voting

Students in all partner schools have voted for the international logo projects. Each school assigned points to twenty projects designed by their peers from partner schools. Now all the points will be counted during the LogoVision event and then the project logo will be revealed!

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astle Carnival in Poland

Katowice students enjoyed their carnival parties. The older grades had a fancy dress ball at school and the younger ones went to a medieval inn situated next to a castle in Chudów. Have a look at some photos of these two events.

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astle arts

Turkish students have built a castle !

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ogoVision 2012

As all the logo projects have been submitted, it is time for us to get ready for the 2012 LogoVision event.
Read more to see the steps you need to take.

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talian kids visit a castle

Our Italian friends from Ravenna went on a trip to the Gradara Castle. Read about this castle and have a look at some photos they took!

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panish kids visit a castle

Have a look at the photo report of a trip the Spanish students took last week to a castle situated not far from their town, Oviedo.

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omenius week

You are welcome to follow a day-by-day account on the Comenius Week held in 34 Nicholas Copernicus Primary School in Katowice, Poland

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