Szkoła Podstawowa nr 34
im. Mikołaja Kopernika w Katowicach

Komentarz z Colegio Publico Madre de Dios, Hiszpania (1 June 2006)

It was great to do the Comenius Project called "Traditions"with other countries (England, Malta, Germany and Poland) .When Carmen and I -from Logrono (Spain)-went to Katowice to the school Nicholas Copernicus Primary in Poland for the first time we were pleased because of the hospitality of all the staff to us. . We showed to the children a video about our wine festival celebrated in September in the gym and they enjoyed it a lot. They made a theatre play and some tipycal dances from Poland and we enjoyed them very much, too. We shared differents aspects of our cultures. . We tasted different Polish dishes in the dining room , restaurants and homes and we cooked a nice hot chochocate at school for the children to eat,typical from Spain. We think, food is a good link between different cultures. We tought children a dance from our region accompanied by sticks and children learnt it very soon and enjoyed it.Dance is a important way of comunication, too. We couldn´t understand any Polish words but it wasn´t a real problem but we used other way of comunication called fraternality and friendship. We had the opportunity to see "in situ" other different Education System and it was fantastic, learning a lot to use in ours. The cultural visits were great. Cities with its buildings, parks and monuments were differents but interesting. Cities are different but people from abroad are in deep, similar to us; "citizens of the World". We this project we discovered that all is different but similar, languages are different but all of them important, no one more important than others. We appreciated the importance of being differents to be complementaries. I recommended to do this kind of projects with the Nicholas Copernicus Primary School in Katowice. You won´t regret. Greetings from Spain.

Nieves Gómez Soria and Carmen Blanco Terroba


W roku szkolnym 2006/2007 Agencja Narodowa programu 'Uczenie się przez całe życie' uznała nasz projekt "Lepsza szkoła = lepsze życie = lepsza przyszłość" za przykład dobrej praktyki.